I almost hated my son after my wife died during his birth - Comedian, Elder O confesses


Popular Lagos based Comedian, David Ugochukwu professionally known as Elder O may have recovered from the pains and sorrows of losing his wife during childbirth, few months after their wedding, but the memories of the loss still lingers.

Elder O, married his late wife , Charity Odoemelam traditionally on February 1, 2014 and sadly buried her on December, 30th same year, after she died during the birth of their first child.

Determined to help others who might in one way or the other find themselves in depressing situations, Elder O made a bold step.

In a lengthy post he shared on Facebook, the father of one who is fast becoming one of the most sought after comedian in Lagos, recalled how he almost hated his son after the loss of his wife, his struggles with depressions and suicide thoughts.

His part of his story reads: "After DJ Xgee killed himself, last weekend I shared a story at one of my events just to encourage those that are passing through tough times that things will definitely get better. I never knew my true life stories will touch a whole lot of people and the feedbacks I got after the show at Ojez was amazed me.

Some sent me texts to thank me while others posted it on social media and begged me to share it online, after much thought I've decided to do so.

I came to Lagos in 2001 on the invitation of my uncle's wife (Mummy Monique) I told them straight up that I want to do business. They took me to their family friend who is a big business mogul and that was how my journey that was supposed to last one year lasted 7years.

The initial plan was for me to learn for 1year and then my uncle will give me money to start my own business but my Oga liked my impact in his business and delayed me for 7years with the excuse that I will leave when there is a viable replacement.Because of their relationship with my oga,my uncle have to soft-pedal for peace to reign until one day his wife said enough is enough and they came to my oga's house and gave me 200k in 2016 to use and pay for shop so that I can start my own business.

To cut the long story short ,when my Oga finally released me to leave,the shop I paid for was remaining 3weeks to expire

So the 2nd money my uncle gave me to start my own business in 2007 I used it to renew the shop rent.I went to Aba to buy goods with N18k lol after transport it was remaining 15k and I don't want to disturb my uncle again because by then he was seriously sick.

God started blessing my comedy career and I bought 2 cars in quick succession plus few blessings I can not mention here,I was doing fine everything seem to have settled until my father's illness became too serious I had to leave Lagos to go and look after him personally when it seems that my younger ones are getting tired of him. I spent a whole lot of money taking him to different hospitals and finally at obioma hospital where I sold my car to pay the exorbitant bills and he eventually died in 2013.
No money for the burial...I sold the 2nd car to bury my father.

I got married the next year and the marriage started on 02/01/2014 with our traditional marriage and ended on 30/12/2014 with my wife's burial....we lost her after child birth.
Then depression sets in and I began to hear voices that were telling me to kill myself that I've suffered enough. I passed through a lot that period,The news was everywhere,both Linda and other bloggers that have never helped my career before started trending my misfortune and before you say jack I was invited to Abuja by The ministry of women affairs and some NGOs that I should give them go ahead to shut down Havana hospital and fight for me.
I thought it was a joke until they sent me flight tickets to just come and sign some documents, my lawyer on the other hand was asking for my permission to go to court. Some useless radio stations were telling stories of how I ran mad after losing my wife. I was thinking of so many things, I hated our son because the devil will always remind me that my wife died because of this boy...it took me over a month to begin to love him. I didn't have the courage to hold the mic for over 3months after her burial I gave all my jobs to colleagues I stopped going to church for like 3 months if I hear where people were praying it irritates me, I collapse frequently while walking on the road until the doctor told me I had HighBP.

My mother and my mother in-law moved in with me and their stay helped to stabilize me.

Then my recovery started and the only advise that worked for me was ''Elder O go back to that thing that gives you happiness...your job'',I remember crying while on the mic and at the back stage anytime I was hosting a wedding reception.Sometime in early 2008 I collapsed on Idumota bridge while trekking from Lagos island to orile because the last N50 I had was supposed to be my feeding money that night and I had serious typhoid... No money for drugs.some good samaritans carried me to a chemist where they revived me and bought me drugs. I remember trekking for one week from orile coker to ayilara in surulere for my church's youth program because I no get money for transport and I no sabi beg. I remember the day I was MCing a wedding after my wife's burial and I was crying under the dark shades I wore,while the couple were dancing,the devil took me to the balcony and told me to jump from that 3rd floor that it will make headlines ''comedian commits suicide at his client's wedding''. The chairman's voice on the microphone shouting ''where is the mc'' brought my senses back. I survived two suicide attempts and you want me to finally do it because you think I am the fattest man on the planet
In conclusion, the rib-cracker advised his fans and followers to desist from whatever could make the next person go into depression or harbour a suicidal thought.

"Please stop body-shaming me because the next time you do I won't take it lightly with you,sometimes I see people call me orobo and some of them have body odour but I have never used it against them. I am fat yes I know it and please stop reminding me each time you see me,the same people that complained when I was skinny are still complaining now.we are all created differently in our own uniqueness. Some of the things I survived might have killed you if you were in my shoes so shut up because we all have our individual challenges. Do not be the reason why I will contemplate suicide again,if you can't be a solution to my problem please don't add to it.
Now my story has changed for good,that boy I once hated is now my best friend,I am now one of the very few original comedians and my annual comedy show COMIC RELIEF is the biggest on the mainland.
Depression is REAL talk to people,seek help,don't drink alcohol when you are depressed it will make you to begin to think of many things and how to end it all."

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