Filmmaking is sweeter than $ex- Uzee Usman

Uzee Usman is a young Nollywood producer based in the North. He holds two degrees in Political science and English from University of Abuja and University of Jos respectively. 
Uzee studied Special Effects in South Africa and has successfully become the biggest entertainer dominating the northern part of the entertainment industry.
In this interview with Goldenpearlmedia he speaks on the challenges of Northern entertainers, relationship and his top notch stylish look.
What are your most memorable moments?
One of my memorable moments while growing up was when I got the call that my first visa to travel to London had been approved. That was some years ago. I could not sleep till the next day but just held onto my passport all through the night.

What is your philosophy in life?
Everybody will be alright, don’t take things too serious. Always remember that you will die one day.
What is your relationship status?
I'm single and searching at the moment. I suffered a tremendous heartbreak, so I really affected my love life.
Not ready for marriage for now. In fact,  I'm too busy to think about relationships or marriage. My job is taking much of my time and I'm enjoying it.
When do you think it's right to settle down, because I know northerners marry quite early?
Well, for now, I cant say. I'm too preoccupied to think about marriage. Filmmaking is sweeter than $ex. So, I'd rather enjoy my work now. Woman and other relationship issues can come later. I like dark tall girl a lot though.
These days there are lots of claims that actors stay away from marriage because of sugar mummies, how true?
I don't know about others. But I know I have had sever encounters with sugar mummies and their mouth watering promises. I'm a man of principle. Even on social media, they send all kinds of messages  to me. I resist all forms of their temptations.
How long can you stay without $ex?
Right now, I can stay for over three months without getting intimate with any woman. I have trained myself to be like that. I'm not a $ex freak.
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