Why ladies should stop praying for men - Destiny Amaka, actress

Nollywood actress who doubles as an On Air Personality (OAP), has beckoned on single ladies to avoid what she termed Dangerous love.

The Doll House movie star warned that ''The most dangerous love is when you start praying for him more than you pray for yourself. Self love is the greatest".

Explaining further to Inside Nollywood, Amaka who is born to French mother and Nigerian father added that her message is directed to single ladies who spend time praying for a man they wish and hope will love and marry them someday.

"Maybe if you had prayed a little harder doors will open and he will notice your value. Women go about praying for a man that has never even said The Grace with you. My point is, the motivation for the prayer is all wrong when praying for the man alone and in doing so you neglect yourself. 

Ladies should please, recognise the signs. Once you start doing more for others than you do your self there’s an imbalance. Unless you're getting filled from somewhere else. The truth is you can’t pour from an empty cup! Don’t be afraid to love yourself that little bit more, after all when your good everyone around you is good!."

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