Neo Phlames close 2018 with 'sharp shooter'

Nigerian artiste, Adeniyi Adewoyin, with the stage name Neo Phlames, has dropped a new vocal titled ‘Sharp Shooter’. 
‘Sharp Shooter’ song produced by Daihard, according to Neo, the song has a good lyrics and suitable for everyone.
Not disputing the fact that the title is a bit controversial, Phlames said ‘Sharp Shooter’ is just a titled of his song and does not describe his personality.
“Guys who womanize are mostly called sharp shooter but I don’t womanize. I believe in having one woman at a time and focusing on growth with the love you’ve found” he said.
On what inspired the song, Phlames said; “there was a time I was actually asking a girl out and someone who knows me but doesn’t know me too well went to tell my love interest that I am a womanizer and that she shouldn’t accept my proposal.  The scene kept coming back to my mind and it became a song.
“I like to write my songs based on reality and I guess that’s why I will always have things to sing about since events happen every day.”
Neo who is not signed to any record label has been doing quite well for himself since he made his debut with ‘Arambada’. He has since gone on to do other songs like ‘Mind’ and ‘Logba’ which has a video which is still enjoying massive rotation on TV and radio.
He however revealed that plans are in top gear to take his music brand nationwide as time goes on.
“I and my team are planning on something been real soon. I mean, there’s no label but we can’t watch this great talent die so we keep strategizing and praying will we get this good music out there. Our fans and lovers of music deserves good music and I am proud to be one of the very few guys with good contents that can stand the test of time” Phlames added.

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