I'm not a le$bian, I only enjoy their gifts - actress

Amadi Gift Chinyere a.k.a Chilly B is a fast rising actress cum rapper with an undeniable talent and $ex appeal.
Her confidence, knack for role interpretation and unique delivery are her winning formular.

The theatre arts graduate from the University of Calabar in a recent chat with Inside Nollywood revealed how she has been handling sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, especially from le$bians who spoil her with gifts.

"The most embarrassing ones are the guys that will come and boldly advertise themselves to me. Like, " Hello ma, I'm good in bed ,if you need a sugar son, I am available. Some would go as far as sending me their nudes via social media. I have seen all kinds of male privates. The worse is Lagos market, that's why I wear big dresses or joggers to some places especially public places.
Le$bians too won't let me rest. At a point, I had to ask myself if I really look like one of them.
As we speak, I'm still struggling to know my sexuality. Because even on movie sets, lesbians must come to try seduce me, on social media, everywhere, they stalk me more than the men.
But I do enjoy their gifts. They can give for africa. So, I collect and enjoy myself,"she said.
Continuing, ChillyB who runs an NGO for the street kids/widows called The ChillyB Foundation for Widows/Street Kids Empowerment recalled her most embarrassing moment as a fresh kid on the block.
"One fateful day, I went for audition for a huge role, I passed casting and was super excited.
Only for the producer to call me 2 days to set that there was a meeting somewhere. I rushed down thinking it’s general meeting. When I got there, I called and he asked that I come into his room. I went in without any negative thoughts. But the mood I saw him I already knew, what he was up to. I made my point known. He asked that I drop the scripts. I did and bounced out like a queen.
Although, I cried all through that night because that was to be a big one for me.
However, the next day I was back to normal."


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