Nollywood actor Jigan allegedly beaten by soldiers at Elegushi beach

Nollywood actor Jigan, was allegedly beaten by soldiers, at a bar in Elegushi beach at the early hours of today.

The actor and his musician friend, Jaywon, were their for the birthday celebration of their colleague, singer DannyS, when the incident occurred.

Trouble allegedly started when a member of their crew engaged in a fight and injured someone, who then reported the matter to some soldiers around.

However, Jigan and Jaywon were said to be trying to defend the attacker, with Jigan quoted as saying “don’t you know who I am?,” a statement that angered the soldiers, who then brought out their horsewhip and started flogging him.

Everything later degenerated into a state of chaos, with people fleeing and the birthday party ending abruptly.


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