Nicki Minaj shades Cardi B again!

American Hip Hop femcee, Nicki Minaj has surrounded herself in some controversial circumstances, which might be insuating another diss to her rival,  Cardi B.

According to TMZ,  although both rappers have claimed their beef has been squashed, however, Nicki Minaj has decided to make a 'not-so-subtle'casting decision in her latest video "Good form" she she featured Lil Wayne. .

The Young Money first lady,  decided to follow the traits of her lil homie '6ix9ine' who hired 2 strips club bartenders 'Baddie G and Jade' (who are preparing to sue Cardi B) to come chill with him in the studio,  in a way to troll Cardi B, since he is a loyal homie to Nicki.

Thus,  Nicki Minaj also made use of both strippers in her new video, who were seen twerking next to Nicki Minaj (Around the 40-seconds mark) .

Nicki then shared the pictures from the set with the 'acclaimed Cardi B foes' sitting in front of her.

Also, both strippers equally posted a screenshot of their twerk scene of the "Good form" video on their IG, and Nicki commented with smileys.

You would remember there was news that Cardi-B allegedly ordered an attack on both Baddie-G and Jade because she believed 'Jade' slept her husband,  Offset. The sisters were injured in the clash and have been gearing up to sue Cardi.

With the drama that happened between Cardi and Nicki at the NY Fashion Week Party, where Cardi reportedly threw her shoe at Nicki. .

Don't forget 6ix9ine trolled Cardi earlier, by hanging out with her supposed 'foes' in the studio. Now, Nicki follows up by using them in her own video which already has over 6million views on Youtube

Is Nicki's act an initiation of another rumble between her and Cardi B?  Our fingers are definitely crossed!


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