I wish I broke my ex - girlfriend's heart – Baddy Oosha

Dubai-based musician, actor and international businessman, Badmus Akeem O, known in the industry as Baddy Oosha is still nursing his wounds after a woman he loved passionately left his heart forever entrapped.

In a chat with Goldenpearlmedia, Baddyoosha admitted it is hard for a celebrity to keep his mind on the craft because of distractions from women, saying if you don't go to them, they will come to you.
“They are the ones rushing us. I must agree it is very difficult to avoid women. Going to different countries and meeting different people makes it very hard. As for me, I don't have a woman in my life for now. The last one I had ended in disaster. She deserted me and I am yet to get over it. She broke my heart, so, women are out for now for me,” he said.

Handsome, rich and on top of his game, it is almost unbelievable that this young man who has contributed to the success of many entertainers in Nigeria could have his heartbroken by a woman instead of the other way round.

“ I wish I was the one who broke her heart but the truth is, she was the one who broke my heart. If I had broken her heart it would have been very sweet for me and I would even be hailing myself by now but it happened otherwise. I don't want to go into much details because I have to respect the fact that we've had good times together. I guess my fault was getting carried away with beauty and all. Right now all I look for in my woman is the good heart,” he said.
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