For Native Girl, Investors offered me funds for $ex - Judy Austin, actress

Success doesn't come easy or cheap for those who are determined to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.
For Muoghalu Uchechukwu Judith who is better known as Judy Austin, she is armed to the teeth to achieve her goals, but will never be caught in the act of sleeping around for fame.
Sharing with Goldenpearlmedia her ordeal in the hands of sponsors who wanted her body in bed, in exchange for funds, Judy said: " I started acting in year 2013. You know in the industry, most times people don't get to act a very challenging role that would really showcase their talents. Most times, roles are being given to the same group of artistes, and am not saying it's wrong but it limits the chances of others in showcasing their own characters too. So, I thought to myself, the best way for me show the world the stuff I'm made of was to produce my own film, by so doing take on the most challenging role in it. I also got inspiration from my college Ruth Kadiri and Chioma Okoye, and I felt it's time to be my absolute best.
That's how the thought of producing Native Girl, came along, even when I had no money for it. I had to start sorting for funds.
It wasnt easy at all. I mean some wanted to go to the other room with me. While some thought the investment is too small for them.
Finally an old friend supported me with what he had and I completed the budget with all my savings," she revealed.
Continuing, the Anambra state born actress maintained that her new movie, Native Girl, was mainly to promote the Igbo language which is rapidly going into extinction.
"Native Girl came to light with the help of my director His Excellency Yul Edochie. In this present time, it's like we somehow don't appreciate our native languages again..People teach their children how to speak English but not their native tongue. People travel and come back and all of a sudden they don't speak their language again. The most painful part is that they're irritated by those that speaks their language. I just wanted a touch of the Igbo language."

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