My 2 marriages failed because my ex-wives were selfish – Akin Lewis

Veteran Nollywood actor, Akin Lewis, has blamed the grabby of his two ex wives for why his previous marriages crashed.

In an interview with TheSun, when asked why his two previous marriages failed, he said: “You will probably need to ask the women, but I think they were just being greedy, they didn’t understand their roles as wives. .

But if there are other reasons, they will have to explain themselves. That’s what I can say about that.

 I think they were selfish; they wanted it all and do not understand what it means to be married to somebody like me.”

On whether he was the one who didn’t manage the relationships well, Lewis said: “No! See, we all make mistakes because we are not perfect, but my people say that cutting off the head is not the cure for headache. .

That is why I said they were selfish; they wanted it all without thinking of the implications it would have on family. 

In management, we usually say that you make the error of judgment in employing someone. That is probably what happened. The error of judgment was mine.”

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