I'm not in any competition with anybody - budding artiste, Full Born

"I'm not in competition with nobody but only in contest with the man I was yesterday to be a better man tomorrow and be at the top of my game", these were the exact words of this young music Igbo rapper, Full Born.

The  art of making good music,  can be seen as a business venture  or most times be born out of passion for the love of the craft.

The latter can be said of the latest Afro hip-hop music star straight outta of Onitsha City. 
Ifeanyi Agu but popularly known as Agu Fullborn by his fans across the country. He is a lyricist and loved majorly for dishing out his rap lines in Igbo dialect. 

Before his fora into music making, is a graduate of History & International relations from IMO State University, Owerri and currently works as a videographer at Cinematics Films here in Lagos.
In a chat with Goldenpearlmedia, Full born alludes that; "Music industry is not just all about fame and glamour but its like a war ground filled with so much competition. He says; 
I was born in the late 80s in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, Onitsha otherwise known as the hustle hub city. 

I spent some better part of my life in that city. My experience there, gives me a lot of inspiration to doing the things i do today.
I attended Christ the King College Onitsha and i have a B.A in History and International relations from IMO State University. 

I have been making music professionally for about four years now,  although I started writing songs &  rapping, ever  since I was a kid. 
It’s flows so easily from within. 
I remember whilst in College, in form 3, when I rapped for the first time in class with my fellow pupil watching. Oh that was a shocker to many but then,  It was quite interesting given that few others in same class got into the flow and we all rapped along."

Continuing, the multi talented artiste added, "I can say I breathe music so much,  even whilst in the lecture theater back then in the  university, I see and I hear the lecturers in rhymes. It means,  I don’t just write rhymes words off the ongoing lecture, but make lyrics out of that at very moment.

I love making music, it’s my passion. I live Music,  I breathe it & I have been doing it & still do it for entertainment.
I grew up listening to Tupac Shakur,  Nas, Notorious BIG, Naughty by Nature & then Boys2Men
Few months after graduation,  i decided to take music as a career, because i could see the hope it creates for others & the joy its brings to me as an artiste.
Ever since then, I have released over 3 singles & done about 4 collaborations with visuals which has been enjoying massive airplays on few radio & TV stations especially in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. 

In 2017, I released a single titled “Daily bread”
 which has been the last single so far. 
That song got me some very huge recognition. That i was invited to lots of music concerts and comedy events, and parties for performance.

Also,  in my journey of music making,  I started getting suggestions and requests from families, friends and fan to move base to Lagos, the hub of entertainment and Nigerian Music. 

At first, I didn’t want to,  because I felt I can stay home(Onitsha) and do my thing. 

But somehow, I thought about giving it a try, sometime from 2016, I will hop into Lagos once in a while,  attend events, do few music performance, hook up with colleagues in the music industries and go back to base.

Eventually, I relocated to Lagos in Jan, 2018 &  decided to go fully into the art of making good music.
So, settling in Lagos, i  start started making connections with DJ's, show promoters, fellow artiste & 
Performing in night clubs & bars.
Ever since then, i realised that the stakes over here are high, so all one needs to do is to continually work hard.

So far, I Seem to be enjoying the competitions and the changes that evolve in the Nigerian Music industry. 

There’s always going to be a competition and there’s always going to be something new but I am not subdued by all that because I am distinctively FULLBORN. 

I have a new dance track song/Video coming up soon.
In my opinion, it is a coolest ever & every Party Dj's delight cos of its danceable tune. 

I also have other hit songs in the pipeline I will be dropping soon. "

Watch out for  'Full Born' an in house Artist of Non-Stop Entertainment on his social media's 
@Agufullborn;  Instagram; Facebook; YouTube;  Twitter;
 still counting..

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