I never said Ghanaian music is better than Nigerian music —Mr Eazi

Mr Eazi in a recent interview with Nigerian Tribune stated that he never said Ghanaian music is better than Nigerian music.

See excerpts from the interview below:

Between Nigerian and Ghanaian music, would you say there isn’t much difference?

Going back to that issue, I must say now that people took me out of context because I didn’t say one was better than the other. No one heard me use the word “better”.

Would you say that the massive reactions by Nigerians about your comparison of Nigerian and Ghanaian music had some impact on your career? How did you handle them?

I have made the point that the things that happen to me come as a blessing and a curse first. I am blessed with the fact that I started out in Ghana even though my immediate background is in Nigeria. 

I also have accepted that fact. Now the curse is I have two homes. I have a first home, which is my country of origin, Nigeria and a second home which is my country of upbringing, Ghana.

And like I said, it is a blessing and a curse. As we grow in the industry and mature, we know how to handle things better. Everybody will try to remind you of your loyalty to them. I am a Nigerian. 

I support Nigeria but I am agrateful to Ghana for my upbringing. I went to school there. I stayed there for seven years. I got my BSc and MSc in Ghana.

I started my first business in Ghana. In the end, I had to realise that I am under the scrutiny of everybody for every statement I make. All of those influences have made me who I am today. 

It has opened me to the next chapter of my career. For me, everything that happened in my world has opened a new door to my career. So, it is what it is.

Most people have alleged that you’re dating one of Otedola’s daughters. But not once have you confirmed it at least verbally. Do you want to do so now?

Yes. I don’t think there is any hidden thing. Temi is my girlfriend, my one and only girlfriend.

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