I have never been to church all my life even though I am a Christian – Bolanle Ninalowo

Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninolowo in a an interview with vanguard revealed that he was born a Muslim but converted to Christianity.

He claims to be close to God but has never seen the inside of a church in his entire life. 

“I was born into a very strong Muslim home, but I am a Christian. I couldn’t read the Qur’an but I understand the Bible, and it has been helpful all my life. But I have never been to a church all my life; my office is my church. .
I don’t club; the little time I have is dedicated to God, which is key to success. No one can take you to God; it is you that will go and meet God.

 God knows those who worship him,” The actor said his conversion was something his family took very hard. “God has his way of setting people free. 

Not that my family accepted, but what can people say to a man that is already blessed by God? I thank God for raising me up in the faces of those that looked down on me,” he mused.

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