My wife and I didn’t date, we just got married –Akpororo

Comedian Akpororo has described himself as an exception to the rule that two people must date or enter into a courtship before getting married.
In a recent chat Saturday Beats , the comedian and singer hinted that he had known his wife since she was part of a dance group and shortly after they began to exchange pleasantries , they got married .
“ I did not date my wife . We are in the same industry and she was with Explicit Dance Group . We had met on some occasions and greeted each other . 
We never had any period to date ; I would say we started dating after we got married .
 Although I am a comedian , when I approached her, she took my words seriously because whenever I am serious you would easily know .
“I was already popular as of the time I got married to my wife. Some people say that once you get married , your tempo or output in the industry would drop but I do not believe that because whatever you believe would happen to your career is what would happen to it. 
I changed the belief that you need to date someone for a long period before you get married , ” he said .
The humour merchant , who affirmed that Nigerian comedians seemed to always go for beautiful women , however , said it was just a coincidence.

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