I stopped bed-wetting when I got to SS3 – Asiri Comedy

Asiri Comedy has opened up on how he use to bed-wet until he got to SS3. In a chat with Saturday Beats, He said, “Growing up , my parents were teachers; my mother was a talented geographer. She used to calculate my walking distance from home to school . 
I didn ’ t have the luxury of playing street football; I only used to watch it from the window . The only time I used to go out was on Sundays and it was to church . 
However, there was a day I wet my sister’s report card, which she had put on the couch. I had slept on it. At that point, I had issues with bed -wetting to the extent that they nicknamed me ‘ Tomiwa.’ “I stopped bed -wetting in SS3.
 At the time, it was fun because it was part of my pranks . I just knew that when it was about 1 am, I must go and pee but I would not do it.
 “My parents were bothered at a point and my grandma once came and brought something for me to drink, and instructed that once I drank it, I should not go outside again, but that day , I gave them double portion of bed -wetting. ”
Asiri Comedy, who became popular due to the comedy skits he does with Woli Arole, advised parents who had children facing the same problem not to stigmatise them , saying it would stop eventually. 
According to him, stigmatising them might leave them with a low self-esteem . “Basically, if it is a boy that has this problem, they should leave him alone . 
It is considered to be a medical problem but it gets to an age before it is termed as that as it could be a form of mannerism by the child . “For instance, creative people tend to play pranks a lot which was the case for me . 
As for me , I used to imagine a scenario whereby my friends and I would go to play football and when we were returning in groups, there would be that one person in the gang that would say I want to pee , by resonance, I would also pee in reality . 
“If you have a boy with this condition , don’t rub it in his face instead help him through it by waking him up at intervals in the night . Don’ t stigmatise ; if you do that , he will have low self-esteem.

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