I almost died of codeine addiction - Bow wow

American child celebrity, actor and rapper has adviced teenagers and youths to stay off drugs, adding that If they are using they should fight it.

While advising, he revealed that he was a drug addict at the age of 19-20, resulting to his erratic behavior.

He wrote:

Kids this is why drugs are not cool! I was so protected they never wanted the truth out. I was high off lean EVERY DAY EVERY SECOND of my life while doing this album with @omarion and smoking spending damn near 2500 on weed a week! Even he knew i was out of my mind! Whats in my hand? Punch with syrup! The whole UCP TOUR WITH CHRIS I WAS HIGH AND SICK! i missed he chicago show and baltimore show. 

They said i was dehydrated (MY PR) but i was fucked up dying in the hospital. My body had too much codeine in it. to this day my stomach will never feel the same nor digest the same. 

Yall know i dont act like this i mean look!!! Just when people think they know you! I WAS A FUCKING DRUG ADDICT at 19-20 Kids STOP THE DRUGS STOP THE PILL POPPING.

 We want you here. You have so much life. I never thought rapping about my addiction in a song is what i wanted so i kept it private but now after all these yrs yall see why i was so angry during this point of my life. SAY NO! Please SAY NO! this coming from your young og boweezy. ENJOY THE MUSIC BUT DONT BE A FOLLOWER. Kick that shit like i did. U better than that. PEACE AND LOVE ❤️ we dont want no more youngins leaving here too soon ! JUST WHEN YALL THOUGHT YALL KNEW ME HUH? Theres more to my life in time you will get the truth. This explains my erratic behavior and why im misunderstood the drugs controlled me

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