Day one man grabbed my b00bs at Yaba market - Seun Omojola, Actress

Seun Omojola is one entertainer who continues to wow her fans not just with her acting talent, but also with her curves and lovely voice.
The actress who also doubles as a filmmaker has lamented to Goldenpearlmedia, the challenges busty women face, especially in popular Lagos market, Yaba.

"It's not easy having this size of b00bs. Going to the market has become a bit of a challenge. I always get embarrassed going to the market and seeing all kinds of men ogling at me. Some would be like 'Wow, Cowbell is here'. See your big behind'. And all sorts. I remember a particular day a random man grabbed my b00bs, I had to slap him for daring to touch me. It was a mad experience.
Even while growing up, I didn't feel comfortable seeing my breasts bigger than my peers, but it got to a point, I got comfortable with it and never cared again.
I keep getting lots of comments about my boobs. It's God's gift. I love it, so I flaunt it," she gushed.
Omojola who also sings, maintained that she can never go nude in any Nollywood movie because Nigerians are not ready for such growth.
"I can't never go naked in the name of acting, no matter the fee. This is not Hollywood, but Nollywood. We are Africans. We are not ready for that. It would have been better, if it was a Hollywood movie. We see a lot of that and we applaud them. But once a Nigerian actress does that, they would criticise you a lot and getting a husband becomes a big issue," she revealed.

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