Exclusive! What would make me cheat on my man– Ronke Tiamiyu spills

Ronke Tiamiyu, an actress and ex beauty queen who hit stardom after clinching the Miss Charismatic crown at the 2013 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) has clearly defined what she requires of the man who wants to be with her, either for the moment or for life and her request is simple – respect! 

Ronke let the cat out of the bag in a recent chat with Goldenpearlmedia, when she was asked what would make her cheat on a guy.

“There is nothing that would make me cheat, I would simply leave him. Any man I date must respect me as a woman, an intelligent, beautiful, hard working woman. He must love and support me the same as I will love and support him. This world is a difficult place and you need a partner that you are in it together with. If a man is disrespectful, talks down to you, insults you, or even worse, abuses you, a woman should leave him instantly because the man does not truly love her. I have too much respect for myself to be with a man who does not respect me,” she said.

Speaking further Ronke also reveals that she has no romantic crush, affirming that the only crush she has is talent.

“I crush on talent, so, it's not really some sort of school girl crush. There are so many powerful people I admire for their talents, skills, and hard work, as well as who they are. We have so many incredible people working in this business that inspire me to do better. But as for a romantic crush? I don't really have one,” she quipped.

Apart from owning her own pageant called Miss Charismatic Nigeria pageant, Aderonke Tiamiyu has made the cover of House of Maliq and has featured as guest star in Flatmates as well as many shows.

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