Nigerian lady cries out after her best friend slashed her face with a razor blade

A Nigerian lady has taken to Facebook to express regrets for loving and taking a friend of hers as a sister.

 This is coming after she was cut in the face with a sharp object by the lady whom she says is her best friend.

The victim, Success Chidinma, was slashed in the face after an agreement ensued between the former besties.

Read her narration below.

“June 23rd 2018 was the darkest day of my life when someone I regarded as a friend and a sister turned against me and said “let’s watch how I can settle down or move on with this unforgettable mark”

I was left in a Delima when she bounced into my room after our misunderstandings outside not knowing she was with an arm to get me blinded for the rest days of my life. Little did I know that a friend I held in high esteem and was willing to take any bullet for was behind the trigger.

#Am with great pains in my heart I regret not listening to people who have tried their best to tell me your kind of person and to let you out of my life. I regret loving you not just like a friend but like my biological sister. 

I am always Happy for you come what may! But how do I know that your plan was to get me disfigured for life.


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