Meghan Markle misses her old life and may divorce for the “third time”, foreign blogs claim

The most recent royal wedding between Maghan Markle and Prince William which stood the world still, might be having some challenges barely two weeks after the union

Despite all funny indications prior to the union, the wedding turned out a success and almost everyone was overjoyed however, a foreign blog, Radar Online, has claimed that Meghan Markle misses her old life and may divorce for the “third time”

It was gathered that Radar Online claims Meghan is fed up with her new life and wants out. 

They are said to have an insider source who made some shocking revelations;
Meghan hasn’t really adjusted well to her new role.

She misses acting and she misses Los Angeles. She misses her family, and her friends.

Meghan gave up everything for Prince Harry and although she’s madly in love with him, the Queen’s rules are a bit too extreme for her.

The source also claims that getting along with her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge is more of an unending project for the new Duchess of Sussex

In the words of the “source’:

Kate is supposed to be Meghan’s tutor, but the two are very different. She will never live up to Kate’s standards.

However, thankfully, the queen has come to the rescue as she plans a get away/bonding time for herself and her new daughter in law to put her through

The report said:

“The Queen knows the potential pitfalls of not giving [new members] a guiding hand,” Ingrid Seward, author of the recent biography of the Queen and Prince Philip, My Husband & I, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “It’s all about the monarchy.

 She can’t expect Meghan to know everything without being shown.”

“She doesn’t want 70 years of hard work to be for nothing,” adds Seward. “I’m sure she feels Meghan needs a steadying hand in these early days.”

Meanwhile, The National Enquirer claims Trevor Engelson isn’t Meghan Markle’s first husband. They claim Meghan was married for the first time to a man she met at Northwestern University who now resides on the East Coast.
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