Kim Kardasian’s publicist told her she will never be on the Cover of a Magazine

Kim took the stage at the #CFDA in Brooklyn, New York to receive the first-ever influencer award. During her speech she joked about her love of being nude. 

She wrote:

She said, “I’m kind of shocked that I’m winning a fashion award when I’m naked most of the time.” She then revealed how she got her revenge on a former publicist who laughed off her goal of wanting to be on the cover of a fashion magazine.

 She said, “It was maybe seven years ago when… I had a publicist and she asked what was my goals, what were my dreams? And I said, ‘I just want to be on the cover of a fashion magazine.’ 

And she said to me, ‘Let’s get some realistic goals because that would never happen.'” As we all know it did happen, in 2014, when Kim appeared on US Vogue’s cover with Kanye. Kim clapped back at her former employee in the perfect way – by sending her an autographed copy of the issue.

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