African China denies that he dumped music because he went broke

Nigerian music artiste African China, in the early 2000s, used to be one of the few musicians that used their songs to criticise societal ills.

At a time, it was reported that the government was unhappy with his songs and declared a manhunt for him. Fast forward to the present day and so little has been heard from the ‘crusader.’ In fact, the rumour going around town is that the singer had gone broke and dumped music to become a hairdresser.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, African China debunked the rumours claiming that he was in the studio making new songs. He told Saturday Beats that he had already released a song titled, ‘Letter to Mr. President,’ and the song is already making waves.

He added that while some of his colleagues have indeed gone broke because they spent their money lavishly when they were in the limelight, he is able to walk tall because he had mapped out a fallback plan.

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