"I never asked my daughter for money" Thomas Markle reacts to reports that he asked Meghan Markle for money and she refused

#MeghanMarkle's dad, #ThomasMarkle has reacted to reports that he reached out to Meghan for money on at least two occasions and she refused to help him out.

The reports say Thomas reached out in the weeks before the Royal Wedding, asking his daughter, who is now the Duchess of Sussex, for financial help but he got none. Thomas Markle Sr. has now shut down the rumors.

The 73-year-old said he has never asked his daughter for money because he leads a frugal life by choice and doesn't need extra cash.

He told TMZ that the rumor is "just plain bulls***" despite outlets repeatedly pushing the story. He says he's got a decent retirement fund and doesn't need his daughter's help when it comes to money, but if he did he knows Meghan would help him out.

Thomas says money has never been a topic of conversation between the two. Neither brings it up when they talk. As for his health, he says he's been resting a lot since his heart surgery and will be going to his 2-week follow-up appointment next week.

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