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Omotola shares her grass to grace story, read below

My Dad died !  Everything went down hill. It looked like even schooling had come to an end. All Hope seemed to have come to an End!  I was able to stand against all odds beside my widowed Mum.

 I wanted to be succesful so bad, I was sensitive to all  opportunities. I escorted a friend to an acting audition, she didn't get in ,  i did. I Found my Future... , It was tough ...#YetIwon

Fastforward to the Ban on Top actors. Everyone was banned  for one year. I was banned for 2 ! I had always wanted to do music...my first Love but there was No time. Now I had time, Against all odds I did and Released my First Album "GBA" Had a Hit single "Naija Lowa" Was invited for the Grammy! My song "Barren Land From my second Album "Me myself and eyes " was adapted by Amnesty international and I was signed to Bungalo Universal ! I earn Royalties in $$$ ... Despite the ups and downs ..... yetIwon 

No matter what life throws at you , you Can pull through. You must refuse self pity or to be a victim . Make your pain your Motivation. 

You can Win and keep winning... From Ikoyi to IyanaIpaja Now to the World.  #YetIwon 
I challenge World Class Manager/Publicist  @k3pr and the Indomitable @moabudu to tell their #YetIWon story to encourage young girls out there.

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