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DOUBLEWAHALA: Cee-C explains why she constantly talks and fights in her sleep

 Miracle, Lolu and Nina had a conversation about Cee-C constant talk and fight in her sleep.

According to Lolu, he says Cee-C talks as if she’s having a conversation with someone and even fights in her sleep.

Nina agreed with Lolu, adding that CeeC needs prayers.

However, Miracle said she needs to stop eating and drinking late.

Moments later, Cee-C and Nina had a talk over Cee-C’s constant talking and fighting in her sleep.

In response, Cee-C said “Its because of the issues i’m having.It’s something that happens subconsciously. A continuation of whatever happens during the day or week. 

 My mum actually took me to church for prayers in the past. So I was told to stop playing too much .It’s not spiritual.

 I am mentally,physically,emotionally stressed. I can understand why i’m always talking in my dream. I’m dealing with a lot”

Nina then said Miracle suggested Cee-C stop eating late as it could be a contributing factor.

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