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Why I shot Aguiyi Ironsi for N10M - Iyke Olisa confesses

In a bid to make a notable difference in the Nigerian movie industry, Prince Iyke Olisa of Prime World Production has sank in whopping N10m to produce his latest movie, Aguiyi Ironsi.

The epic movie which parades top veteran actors Sam Dede and Kanyo O Kanayo bears the iconic name of the late Senior Nigerian Military officer, Johnson Aguiyi Ironsi, who died in 1966, but has a different story-line.


According to what the University of California, USA trained filmaker told GOLDENPEARLMEDIA , the movie, Aguiyi Ironsi is centered on betrayal of trust and the nemesis that follows.

''The movie is lesson filled. It strongly buttresses on contentment and patience. What will be yours definitely will be in your hands, no matter how long it took. Then, there are also rewards for every evil one do in life, nemesis must come hunting those who betrayal the trust of another. Sam Dede as we all know is not consistent in Nollywood again. But I had to bring him back because he fits into the movie perfectly," he hinted.

While speaking on how long it took the cast and crew to shoot the Epic Action movie which comes in 8 sequels, Mr. Olisa said: "That is the huge difference between Hollywood and Nollywood. We don't waste time on our movies. It took me approximately 3 weeks to shoot 'Aguyi Ironsi' and every one went their separate ways."

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