Why I don't attend other comedians’ shows –Gbenga Adeyinka

For a while , there have been rumours that ace comedian , Gbenga Adeyinka shuns his colleagues ’ events because he hardly headlines any despite the fact that Nigerian comedians are seen as one big happy family .

The rumour mongers stated that instead of him featuring in his colleagues ’ shows , he opted to organise his own shows which are staged in South- Western states in Nigeria .

Saturday Beats , the rib cracker admitted that he hardly attended his colleagues ’ shows but stated his reasons .

“ I hardly attend other comedians ’ event because we stage our shows around the same time .

 For instance , AY stages his show on Easter Sunday as well as mine . 

I do not have an issue with any comedian in Nigeria . I would be at Okey Bakassi’ s show .

 I appear for shows when I am not working because my loyalty is to my family and what makes a family happy is the money the breadwinner is able to bring to the table .

 It would be foolhardy for me to headline a free show when I have a gig . 

It is the same way I would not want someone to ignore a paid show just to do a free gig for me . 

In the past, people who had been billed to perform at my show for free had called to inform me that they had a paid show to attend and cancelled mine . 

But I did not hold any grudge against them because I totally understood .

 For me , it is all about work and this is what I use to send my children to school .

 Once I have an opportunity to get paid for my services , why do I want to leave it for a non - paying gig ? However , I am friends with everybody ,” he said .

The comedian who has been criticised on several occasions for not being funny aired his opinion on such comments , “I have heard people say that I am not funny but what I always tell them is that Gbenga Adeyinka is not funny but I am the hardest working comedian in Nigeria and even Ali Baba says that . 

If the people who pay me continue to pay me , then there is something I am doing right and my loyalty should be to those people who pay and say I am funny than to those who are idle and searching for funny people , ” Adeyinka said .

The humour merchant told Saturday Beats that he had never considered going into music even though he has graced several music videos by top stars in the country .

 He , however , stated that he would go into music under only one condition .

 “I cannot sing to save my life but if I get a producer that would auto -tune my voice and guarantee me that the song would sell, then I would turn into a singer . 

It is all about making money,” the humour merchant said .
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