Who is Tonto Dikeh throwing shade,could it be the father?

Singer Tunde Ednut shared a post on Instagram about premature ejaculation and, Tonto Dikeh reacted to the post by dropping a comment in which he said men who suffer from premature ejaculationare the ones who cheat the most. 

Ednut post:


I understand that no woman likes a one minute man but men need to learn to do more
I think you should educate yourself and invest more in foreplay and understand the sensitivity of ur woman and what turns her on , what turns woman A or on is different from B! 

Most of you Men are use to the myopic thinking that all women are d same, over 50 percent of women do not attain orgasm , and as women society doesn’t encourage us to speak up, because we are made to believe we do not have a right to our sexuality, that been said!

I think most men should do more than twisting the female nipples like as if their tuning into different radio stations , just because u read it somewhere that nipples are sensitive parts of the body or you chew it is it groundnuts? Common man EASY TIGER ! EASY!

That being said invest in fore play and do well down there , if you don’t do that enough , 5 to 10 minutes into penetration she probably gets dry!

Why because u didn’t invest in foreplay!
I’m not a sex analyst o! I know I will go under fire for this but as usual I speak it even if it’s an unpopular opinion! 

And pls I’m not speaking for all women in general, the Authenticity of this post is based on facts only

However your woman might never tell you she doesn’t attain orgasm because she loves you enough not to hurt your ego!

But I was told communication is key, u can do well by asking her today what makes her tick?
So that you both can take it up from there
Signed : Disclaimer *Make I go ”

She thinks men who cheat are the most terrible people in bed.
Tontoh post:

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