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Patient's 16-yr-old daughter dies after being raped, impregnated by her doctor

A medical doctor attached to the Federal Medical Center, Bida, Niger State, is at the centre of a rape scandal which resulted in the death of the victim. .
According to TheNation, 16-year-old Fatima Yusuf was said to have given up the ghost after childbirth after she was repeatedly raped and impregnated by Dr. Seyi.
She was said to have been raped while taking care of her mother on admission in the hospital for a severe case of diabetes. .
A family source quoted Fatima as telling the family that it all began on a day the doctor invited her to his room while her mother was asleep. The secret act, she said, continued until Fatima’s mother was discharged from the hospital. .
The case became so serious that the Emir of Bida, Alhaji Abubakar Yahaya, had to intervene in it. The accused doctor, in the course of interrogation at the Emir’s palace, was said to have admitted that he only hugged Fatima and rubbed his body against hers, but did not have any sexual intercourse with her. .
Unfortunately, while awaiting the result of a paternity test, Fatima died on Monday, some time after she was delivered of a baby boy at the family house in Bida. .
Alarmed by the development, the Niger State Child Rights Agency was said to have taken over the case. The DG of the agency, Barrister Mariam Kolo, said if Dr. Seyi is found guilty, he will not escape the wrath of the law. .
Fatima, according to Kolo, died from intense depression because of the horrendous act the doctor committed against her. When contacted, the management of the Federal Medical Centre, Bida, acknowledged that a case of alleged sexual harassment was filed against one of its doctors.

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