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"My mother illness pushed me into researches"- Dele Momodu

Nigerian media mogul, Dele Momodu, who publishes the popular Ovation Magazine, has narrated how his mother survived several illness and bounced back to her feet. 

He revealed that she battled with obesity which led to diabetes, arthritis and hypertension. 

I5 years after, she’s risen from the battle and also survived cancer. 

Read the post he shared on Instagram alongside a Before and Now picture of his mum.

“This is my Mum, my number 1 fan, her health history helped me build a great career in Wellness and Beauty.

The picture on the left is mummy at 45 and the one on the right is mummy at 60.

At 45, she was diagnosed with Diabetes, Arthritis and Hypertension, all due to obesity.

I got into the beauty and wellness industry shortly after, and realized my career can help her a lot, this pushed me into researches, self development and trainings.

15 years down, she’s doing greatly well, living a healthy lifestyle, a cancer surgery survivor that recovered in less than two weeks, conquered obesity, diabetes on check, hypertension on check, arthritis gone, clearer and glowing skin, youthful strength and body, I call her my sweet 16!”

Just two weeks ago, Dele Momodu narrated the incident that followed shortly after he celebrated his 35th birthday in Lagos. 

Little did he know that the celebration was more than a birthday but was also a send off as he was forced on exile by the military junta just two months fater he celebrated with friends.

He shared the story on Instagram where he uploaded a picture taken at the event. 

The picture shows him with a lady carrying a baby (probably his wife), Sir Shina Peters and Chris Okotie looking all young and in a happy mood.

 Read his quote below.

When I celebrated my 35th birthday in the remote village of Adigboluja, in Ojodu, Lagos, in 1995, little did I know was celebrating my send off from Nigeria…

 Two months later, I was forced into exile by the Abacha junta… To God be the glory… I returned triumphantly with Ovation International…


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