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I’m not ready for marriage –Sean Tizzle

Though Nigerian singer , Morihanfen Oluwaseun , better known as Sean Tizzle , became a father last year , the singer is not thinking of marriage anytime soon .

In an encounter with Saturday Beats , he said there were many things he would still like to do before getting married .

He stated , “For me , marriage is not about money or age . 

I have to take my time ; it is an individual matter .

 Why I am not ready for marriage might not be good for you or others , but it is my personal decision.

 When the time is right , I will take the step . As for now , I am not ready for marriage .”

Since becoming a father , according to the singer , it feels like he is living for a reason .

“With the birth of my daughter , Ayomide , I feel like I am living for a reason now . 

Now , I feel the need to be more focused and responsible; being a father is actually a sweet experience.

 But it doesn ’t mean it is okay to have a kid when you are not ready for the responsibility that comes with it.”

Reacting to why his music has become unpopular among fans in recent times , he said he could not explain it.

He stated , “I think it is the work of the media to pass information to people . I honestly don’t have an answer to certain things in life . I did a lot last year . 

I dropped an EP last year , which has seven tracks and I did a couple of videos . 

About a week ago , I released Belinda and I plan to drop another song soon .

“But I was travelling a lot last year because I had a baby and I needed to be there for my daughter and the mother .”

Also , Sean Tizzle admitted that he had made a lot of money from music .

“Finding music has been a blessing for me .

 I cannot just help but to thank God and everyone who has been supporting me since the days I was nobody .

 I have spent five years in the music industry and I am still relevant, ” he noted .


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