Famous Egyptian singer jailed over River Nile joke

Sherine Abdel-Wahab, one of Egypt’s most famous singers and the star of the Arabic version of “The Voice,” was sentenced to six months in prison after making a joke suggesting the Nile River was polluted.

A lawsuit was filed against Abdel-Wahab in November after a video captured a fan asking the singer to sing one of her popular songs, "Mashrebtesh Men Nilha," which translates to "Have You Drunk From The Nile?"

Abdel-Wahab told the fan “drinking from the Nile will get me schistosomiasis," referring to the common disease in Egypt that's caused by flatworms living in freshwater.

Abdel-Wahab joked to “drink Evian instead.” But after the video went public, the singer was banned from performing in the country due to her “unjustified mockery of our dear Egypt.”
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