Exclusive! Not easy turning down sexual advances - Christine Godfrey, Tinsel actress

Tinsel star actress, Christine Godfrey has admitted that as an upcoming actress, one has to cross different seas and rivers to get to the top in the industry.

In a chat with Goldenpearlmedia, the light skinned script interpreter who started out as model revealed how she made a grand entrance into the make-believe world.


“I have being in the shadows for years. I actually started out as a model. Then I went to Tinsel audition and got the role. I played the role of Ego, Amaka Ade Williams’s friend in the TV series. Adding to that, I’m also a commercial and business cabin crew. I have enjoyed the two industries; I still hope to go into movies and production proper. I love unconventional things and want to be like them, not every day suit and tie,” she asserted.

On sexual harassments and those she admires in Nollywood, the pretty actress said: “I admire and love Ramsey Nouah all the time. He is so professional and can’t be predicted. No crush on him though, because he looks like my younger brother. Whenever I see him, I see my younger in him.

Sexual harassment is one thing we should try tackle in this industry. I always warn the ladies; do not would sell out your integrity, because if you do that you are putting a whole lot of others coming under you on the line. I have been sexually harassed, yes! But I turned them all down. It’s not easy resisting these things, as a young lady who wants to get somewhere in life, but determination and self confidence would pave better ways for you. Get your principles right. As long as have the talent, you don’t have to sell your integrity to prove a point, ‘’ she quipped.
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