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DOUBLEWAHALA! Everyone cooks and it's salty no one complains -why mine,Nina cries out

She rants to Biggie about her fight with Cee-C detailing all that happened.

 She says she likes to keep things organized and can't take it when Cee-C paints her as cheat.

Nina says she's made up her mind not to talk to Cee-C because she doesn't know if she's her friend. 

She says she hasn't been speaking to BamBam as well because BamBam be giving her attitude. 

This is because after Tobi told Ebuka that BamBam is only acting, BamBam asked her if she thinks that way and she told BamBam yes.

She says she doesn't know if some of the HMs were sent to frustrate her. 

They treat her badly because she's probably the youngest in the house. She says she'd try not to let it get to her. 

She says she is a nice and jovial person but everyone sees her different and she would never cook again as no one appreciates her.

Nina breaks down as Biggie tells her being here isn't coincidental and she's here because she earned it. 

Biggie advised her to remain strong and not let anyone or anything get to her as the game is already coming to the end.

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