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Day Fan Demanded My Twerking Video - Actress Ify Ubah

Anambra State born fast growing Nollywood actress and model, Ify Ubah,who has featured in various tv series and movies in this exclusive interview with Goldenpearlmedia talks about Nollywood, fashion, relationship and more.
Tell us briefly about Ify Ubah?
I am a film actor, model and event host/compere.  I love reading, learning new things, listening to music, enjoying good food and traveling. I was born and raised in Lagos and I graduated from the University of Lagos with BSc Banking and Finance.

What is the latest thing about you?
I am currently working on a documentary on Disaster Risk Reduction focused on the environment in partnership with one of the United Nations departments in Nigeria, the UN MGCY. Also, on some movies that will be showing in the cinema soon.

Apart from acting what else do you do?
I’m also into events management; I started that in school - decoration, ushering and everything to make your event pop. 

When and why did you venture into Nollywood?
That was 2 years ago. I started as a runway model and music video vixen. I have always been in the entertainment industry. I really want to make people happy when they watch my movies and at the same time pass across a message.

Did your parents/family members support your acting career from the start?
Yes they did, but they wanted me to have another source of income too. They have been fully supportive. 

What is your opinion of Nollywood industry of today?
Nollywood is fast growing and a gold mine now in the Nigerian economy. I’m really happy about it; it provides good jobs for people with different specialties from editing to visual effects, make up, costumes, acting coaches, actors, directors and the entire crew. I also call on the government to support the industry more. 

Have you been sexually harassed or molested to get a role?
Yes, much earlier but I politely said no, and I still got the role. 

Have you ever thought of giving up acting?
No, acting for me is a very strong passion; it brings out so much of my creative side.

What have you sacrificed as an actress?
I have sacrificed relationships. Some men still don’t appreciate the professionalism of the entertainment industry.

How will you define fashion?
Fashion is art, it is a way you express yourself like painting a picture of what you feel on the inside. Like someone could wear his/her favourite colour on a day they are really happy.

How will you define your style?
My style is more of sophisticated elegance, not too loud, the right colours and accessories for the right event. I love accessories because it could glam up a simple gown in a minute and you are red carpet ready.

What kind of outfits appeal to you?
Off shoulder outfits really appeal to me. Also, long and flowing chiffon gowns and outfits made with Ankara. 

What can’t you do without as a young lady?
It should be my phone; I have a lot of useful apps there! I do a lot of reading and improving myself and social media to keep in touch with my friends and fans.

For a million dollar would you act nude?
I see nudity differently, it is not necessarily pornography, perhaps it is my love for art (paintings) so, I really don’t see vulgarity. I rather want to know why and the message you are trying to pass across. And so yeah for 10 to a 100 Million I would but for a valid reason. 

When are we hearing the wedding bell?
Hopefully soon. 

So what do you look out for in your man?
A man who is caring and fully supportive of what I do. I must be able to have a good conversation with him all the time and yes, God fearing too.

What is the naughtiest thing a fan has done or said to you?
He requested I send him a twerking video. I didn’t send it, I don’t have one. 

What turns you off people?
Rudeness and unnecessarily showing off turns me off people.

What has life taught you?
Life has taught me patience; look for ways to bless others and the environment.

What accessory tinkles your fancy?
Coral beads usually worn with traditional outfits but I wear mine on blouses or contemporary outfits.

Describe yourself in three words.
Loving, honest and Fun loving 

From photos, it’s obvious you like flaunting your cleavage. Why is that?
I think the female body is beautiful and it helps me with self-confidence. I’m comfortable with what I look like although I’m working on my weight.

What are some of the movies you have featured in?
Not My Mind, Beware (a Movie on Domestic Violence and its effects on Children) , Ajo-Obi (Evil mind) , Jacobs Mansion (Tv Series) , KEMI, Play Boy’s Diary, Olaedo The Fisher Girl, Soft Work, House Hold Love (Online), Hot Girl Next Door, The Right Woman, Chains Of Romance (Online), LOVE GAME (online) ,The American Housewife and The village mother in-law (Online), Marketing Babes, Federal Assignment, AHIEKE (Online), Helloo Sisi. 

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