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BBNaija 2018: Mixed reactions trails Nina oral s3x with Miracle (+18 Video)

Big Brother Naija 2018 Tv series continue with a twist in character last-night, Nina was caught giving oral s3x to Miracle.

Earlier this week in the show, Nina demanded s3x from Miracle, this he turned down but it seems the story has now changed.

Watch video HERE

As expected, the videos were captured and shared on social media, and has since become a trending item.

However, some viewers have questioned Nina’s morals after clips suggested that she gave Miracle oral s3x.

Others are of the opinion that Miracle should have controlled himself by reminding Nina that they are on Tv.

Here are some comments:
Natalie O.@NatalieObi

Just remember when you guys are dragging Nina all day today, don’t forget to shame Miracle as well. Because the girl will get all the backlash as usual and the guy will be hailed. Dingbats #BBNaija
13:56 - 9 Mar 2018.
As far as I’m concerned Nina has eaten her breakfast(Miracle’s preeq) for the day Headies association #BBNaija
11:47 - 9 Mar 2018 · Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

Adeyemo Kemi Adenle@AdeyemoAdenle

Person wey get mother is disgracing her mother on national TV, turn to porn star at what age Biko? Am very sure as a Nigerian,her mother will be devastated.argue with your ancestors. #BBNaija
13:32 - 9 Mar 2018

@deeyakpo : ”come and see what Nina is doing ohh.. I thought Igbo girls get shame.”

@komeforyou : ”That Nina girl ehnnn is something else, so naive.”

Esoghene :”For someone that doesn’t know a lot of things, she sure has a lot of sexual .”knowledge.. Nina i hail u o

Damilare: ”Never have I ever seen a person lose focus as much as Nina #BBNaija

Jayburle : ”I know it is hard to control your feelings toward s3x. But try and think about something else! If you are horny, think about something else, Get busy . 
it is all in your head!
Hendrey :”S3x go end Nina case but wait ohh how are we sure its not miracle that is forcing her?

Jaydee: ”Nina has forgotten she’s on TV …she needs to calm down.”

Chinwea6:”And to think they just finished hailing their mums. These kids could have just respected their mums even if they don’t have any form of shame for themselves.”

Tweetavenger : ”But miracle is the pilot of this minaship he has to establish someome authority and talk to her that this is a live show.. When they come out even if its monkey style he will giver her no wahala. ”

@OmoMusty, ”Girls like Nina don’t have eyes for one goes for the best bidder,mo love affection.once Bbnaija is over there love story comes to an end.

Mina I beg you guys please don’t do this. you guys have practised self control for long abeg. Miracle should have stopped her.

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  1. U guys can lie if only big brother can show dat video well, u see for urself I was wake all night watching it nothing like dat happen NINA told miracle u can sleep this night while am awake u have to wait for me to sleep first then u can sleep or if not will disturb u tonight dat was what happened naijal can retweet things just to make money only God can help NINA she is not my team but the truth need to be told .


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