All I wanted was an apology, but Olamide was rude –Jacobs May

Jacobs May, whose video about her altercation with Nigerian hip hop artiste Olamide went viral last week , has offered an explanation for the much reported incident .

She said all she wanted when she challenged Olamide at a hotel lounge was an apology for his rather short performance when fans had expected “something better ” during a show in Germany.

Our correspondent, TOPE OMOGBOLAGUN , caught up with May , who discussed at length the encounter …

What do you do ?

My name is Jacobs May . I am a Germany- based Nigerian entertainer . I am a dancer and I own a dancing school which focuses on African contemporary dance . 

As a Nigerian in the Diaspora, I try to use my dance to promote the Nigerian heritage.

What led to the fight in the video ?

I really did not want to talk further about the Olamide issue , but I saw a video on YouTube and this made me realise some Nigerians still have no clue or an in- depth understanding of what exactly happened in the video .

The organisers approached me , six weeks to the show , asking me to invest € 6, 000 in the show as Olamide will be in Germany to perform. I told them the notification was too short for me to invest that kind of money.

Three weeks to the show , they contacted me again , begging me to use my photograph to promote the show , which I accepted to do . 

I also posted the photo on my Facebook and Instagram pages and even told my followers and other people to get their own tickets .
So , were you at the event ?

Yes , I was at the event . I bought a VIP ticket for € 100 , though I was not supposed to pay , considering the fact that I was used to advertise the show , but I did it to support them .

What happened between you and Olamide at the event ?

Olamide and I didn ’ t have any confrontation at the show , but his attitude was so annoying that I had to confront him after the show .

 It wasn’t an Olamide show but he was the main artiste . Some other Nigerian artistes also featured in the show .

What did he do at the show ?

I was told that Olamide arrived at the hotel where I also lodged on Saturday and he was scheduled to perform at 1 : 00 am on Sunday.

 But to my amazement , Olamide came up at 3 : 30 am , having kept people waiting for two hours .

By the time he came on stage , fans were furious . People were already drunk and they started flinging objects onto the stage . I was seated on the VIP section , which was mounted on the stage . 

I was part of the people who got hit by a bottle and I almost collapsed on stage . 

People , including me , got so angry after Olamide performed for only 20 minutes .

 People paid so much to watch your performance and you put up a shabby performance and for just 20 minutes .

So , what happened after the show ?

Like I mentioned earlier, I lodged in the same hotel as Olamide . I got to know when he arrived on Saturday because I have been in the hotel since Friday .

Since we were in the same hotel , I walked up to him in the lobby at daybreak to explain what had happened to me as a result of him coming late on stage .

 I approached him as a civil person and told him what had happened to me. I also told him that it was unfair that he flew seven hours only for a 20 -minute show . 

I confronted him with the fact that it was disrespectful of him to have come late and not to apologise to his fans and to also throw a 20 -minute performance for fans that have waited over two hours for him .

I was dazed when he stood up and walked out on me .

What happened thereafter ?

I was full of rage when he showed no concern , compassion or remorse . That was when I brought out my phone to record the whole incident . Perhaps if he was polite I would have accepted his apology and walked quietly to my room ; but his attitude led to the fiasco .

Just like it is often said that pride goes before a fall, there was no way I would tolerate such an attitude .

Did you contact the organisers of the show ?
Yes , I did .

What was their reaction to the video ?
They did a video disclaiming my accusations and saying it was a wrong move.

What d o you intend doing to them ?

I am suing them . I will make sure no show is done here again if the security of the people cannot be guaranteed .

Did Olamide contact you after the video went viral ?

No . In fact, I believe there is no need for that . His arrogance would not even let him do such .

The manager said you were only trying to get Olamide ’ s attention. Is it true ?

That is not true, but I ’m not surprised because I wouldn ’t have expected less; that is so typical of Nigerians . I had no clue he was staying at the hotel before I lodged there .

Of course , what do you expect his manager to say ? Sure , they will always make it sound bad for me , but I care less. 

I just said things the way they are and I am sure next time he wouldn ’t try such and other artistes will also learn from this .


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