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Why I signed a married woman - Harrysong

Harrison Tare Okiri, better known as Harrysong , has been questioned for signing Lami Phillips , a mother of two , to his record company , Altetplate Music .

However , while speaking with Sunday Scoop, Harrysong said music had nothing to do with age and that he was convinced of Phillips ’ talent .

 He explained , “ She is full of talent and she does good music . 

If an artiste understands music , it will be easier for one to relate to him or her . 

It is not about the age; it is about what she has to offer . Her music relates to people of different ages .

“ Don ’ t forget that I am also a songwriter too. I saw something special in her and I believe it is something that every other person will enjoy too . 

2 Baba is an older artiste , but we still enjoy his music . ”

Revealing his plans to sign more artistes , Harrysong stated , “We will still sign songwriters and producers as well because we want to give people behind the scenes an opportunity . 

We have signed Lami and we are unveiling her soon . We have two other artistes we plan to unveil too .

 One of the artistes is less than 20 years old and he can produce and sing.

“ We look at the ability of an individual , not the age .

 Do you know how many young people that have sent in their songs and I didn ’ t like them? 

They will tell you they can sing, but cannot deliver . 

If you see an older person who is doing well, it will be unwise to ignore her . 

We are a music company ; it is about the music first before the business . ”

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