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Tonto Dike reveals shocking details about her ex-Husband- Churchhil Olakunle

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has now disclosed that her husband, Olakunle Churchill was married to someone else all through the time they were married.

She made this known while granting an interview with the Saturday Sun where she also talked about her career.

When asked if she still interacts with her husband and allow him to play a major role in the life of their son, Tonto Dikeh revealed that they just ended a child custody case in court which she wouldn’t like to talk about.

“Recently, we just ended a court case which I did not publicise because I respect my son so much, anything that concerns my son I try as much as possible to keep it on the wraps. 

We just finished a custody battle case and a child support case.

“If you want to talk about me and my ex-husband that’s different but I will not even glorify that because he’s eating off my energy and my stardom and I don’t want that anymore.

 I don’t even think I was ever married because he was married to someone else while I was married to him,” she said.

Recall that recently the Nollywood actress united with her ex-husband, Churchill Olakunle , as they both stepped out for their son’s 2nd birthday party which held at his school. 

The boy, King , is the only product of the marriage that ended in a messy divorce with both parties accusing each other of domestic violence .

In an interview granted shortly before their divorce, Tonto was seen crying and complaining of the predicament she faced being Churchill’s wife. 

She claimed the expensive gifts, which includes a new SUV, which she normally flaunts on social media with claims that he bought them for her, were actually not bought by him. 

She said she did those things so as to present her man as a good husband before the public, whereas the opposite was the case.

Few months later, a video surfaced showing the actress, attempting to slap Churchill who alleged that she is a troublesome person who once scattered his house due to a quarrel they had. 

Few moths after the video surfaced, the both of them parted ways via a divorce.

Recent news has it that Mr Churchill prevented the airing of a reality tv show by the actress simply because it features his son. 

He claims they were exploiting his son’s innocence cos he’s not yet up to the age to consent to such.

 The show, ‘King Tonto’ , drew lots of attention after the actress revealed in the trailer that she underwent cosmetic surgery cos she was ashamed of her body.

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