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NUDE MODEL: I don't owe anybody any explanation- Maheeda

Maheeda who grew up in Kano State , but don ’ t remember much about her childhood ; even the few things that she can recall are not pleasant memories . 
She never knew her  parents because she was abandoned as a baby .
In a recent interview she talks about her style in the showbiz and why she chose 'Nudity'.
I started posting nude pictures simply because I could .
 I don ’ t owe anybody any explanation . 
Some people may think I just post nude pictures for fun but I love my job as a nude model .
 I have no control over the fact that some people masturbate with my pictures.
 Everybody has their lives to live and they can do as they please . 
The truth is that most Nigerians are hypocrites. 
They don ’ t want people to know that they like what I do . 
There are so many people that abuse me in the comments section , yet send me private messages , asking to get intimate with me .
I like to be free and comfortable in whatever I put on . I also like to be naked most of the time .

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