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My First Experience As A Dj Was At A Church - Dj Spinall

DJ Spinall may be one of the most sought- after disc jockeys in the country but unknown to many, the young man had his first gig in a church . In fact , he was able to get the gig through a female friend .
In a chat with Saturday Beats , he revealed how it all began for him .
 “ I had been around for 15 years before I became popular but the kind of orientation I was given while growing up is that your work has to speak for you .
I was about 18 years old when I started to play at parties. 
I was still in high school at the time . The first time I had to be a disc jockey was at the church . 
They had a youth party and a female friend called me to disc jockey for them because she knew that I was always playing loud music .
 She did not even know if I was a DJ or not at the time . 
When she asked me , I just told her that I was a disc jockey . 
My first experience was a bit overwhelming but I did a good job even though I did not have a lot of Christian music . 
I repeated Cece Winans about 20 times but the pastor did not complain and everybody seemed to be having a good time . I
 still do a lot of gospel event but they just don ’ t make it to the television , radio or social media .
 I still did a gig at a church about two weeks ago and I am working on a gospel album, ” the DJ said .
He further told Saturday Beats that when he told his parents he wanted to become a DJ , all they told him was that engineering should be his fall back plan just in case . “
 Surprisingly , when I informed my mother that I wanted to make disc jockeying my career, she was fine with it but my father was a bit skeptical. 
He eventually gave me the needed confidence since I had bagged a B. Sc . in engineering .
 They just told me that if DJ did not work out , I should return to engineering , ” said Spinall .
Source: Punch

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