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How Tekno let his Abuja fans down

In the name of not being paid enough money for the show Tekno Miles lets his fans down by putting up an uninspiring performance at an event at the Transcorp Hilton in Abuja where tickets got sold for N1 million Naira for gold table, N2 Million for Platinum table and 7000 Naira for standard tickets.
The star Tekno, his time to step on the stage came after Styl-Plus, Flavour N’abania had wowed the crowed into an extra miles of music experience, but Tekno Miles performance had let them down as he took all his time by murmuring into the mic and abruptly cutting the songs he performed at the event.
The crowd expected the best of him when they received the most worst stage work a celebrity can offer at such a big event.
One of the fans got mad after Tekno’s performance for he took time waiting for his stage turn and this was his word to the interviewers, “It is a common african attitude to perform below par as an artist when they realise that they have a big following and a huge number of fans appreciating their talent and skill, but it is damn and foolish for an artist to fail in satisfying the masses after paying for tickets to watch him doing his music stuff on the stage. 
A good artist should realise that fans are more special and very important than him and his music because its them that makes up his career after all.
 It is not good for a big celebrity to be behaving like an upcoming artist who has never entered the studio before, such is so embarrassing and something one can’t be proud of, even after I reach home I can’t waste time talking of his damn music stage drama. 
An artist should know that people watching him have paid, now after paying for a show you end up watching no sense.”
According to NAN reports that the singer was heard murmuring into the mic and sarcastically saying the money he was paid had finished, leading much to the disappointment of some of his fans.
Mr Emmanuel Kevin all the way from Keffi in Nasarawa state also came to attend the show expressed his disappointment at Tekno, telling the news agency that “It was disappointing to see. 
I could hear him every time he instructed his DJ to change a song half way through performing it.
 He seemed to be rushing somewhere”.
Another fan calling herself Freda also expressed her disappointment in Tekno.
 She said, “It was as if he did not want to be in Abuja”, she expressed herself to the interviewer.
Talking of Tekno he has been criticised in the past numerous events for his bad attitude towards his fans. 
This latest event will likely increase those criticisms. 
To many other artists they must learn from this, they should respect their fans by giving them the best expected performances or never run on the stage to prove their poor preparation or explain their low payments.
 Being professional as an artist adds value to remain a celebrity.

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