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Dear unclad child, before you come for me, learn how to write properly- Daddy Freeze blast's Nollywood actress

Controversial on air personality (OAP), Daddy Freeze, has slammed Nollywood actress, Uche Ubah over her assertion that a woman is incomplete without marriage.
Ubah, in an interview with Vanguard had said that marriage completes a woman.

Freeze, apart from condemning her declaration also made a taunt.
The infantile paedolalia you regurgitated is inversely proportional to the what's intellectually acceptable for a 10 year old, let alone a 25 years old.
Take a bath and put some decent clothes on, nobody is buying whatever it is you think you are selling.
 Nollywood has long advanced from the days when you needed to show ass or trade it for favors before you could get a role. ~FRZ

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