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Actress Biodun Okeowo cursed fan for trolling her on IG

Popular actress , Biodun Okeowo , aka Omobutty , is known to be one of the sexiest persons in the Nigerian movie industry , especially the Yoruba sector.

She was forced to reply one of her fan on IG,

Mother of two places all the available curses in the Bible on a troll, who said she won’t reap the fruit of her labor, on her kids.

She Wrote:

Good morning fams! I overlook most things but when it comes to curses and that, that has to do with my kids I don’t keep calm. 

Please fams one word for this idiot. Because right now I don’t understand why some people will hide under private account to perpetrate an evil act like this.

A curse on a mum who’s struggling on her kids.... Girl I place all the curses in the Bible on you  @ola_mi_de gbogbo awon abiyamo aye ati orun won a panu po sepe fun e.

For your information girl, my mother lives with me she’s not in Ijebu.

 I know you will deactivate this account soon but all the curses shall follow you, wherever you go in Jesus Name too Amen!


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