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Actor Uche Maduagwu Blast's Moyo Lawal For Posing Nude

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal is currently trending for a picture in which she posed nude with makeup all over her body. 

The actress was featured as a model in the promotion of a new makeup line, Moonlighter Pallete . 

The picture shows her seated on the floor beside a bed with her legs cross to to cover her private part and her hands covering her nipples. (the picture appear too sultry to be published).

However, Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu has reacted to the nude picture of the actress.

 He reacted via an Instagram post where he wondered the kind of message she is passing on to kids. His words below.

”Please what messages are you passing to our kids with this pics? @moyolawalofficial What is happening to Nollywood? You’ll go semi NUDE on social media, and when your followers express their opinion, you’ll say they are “Cyber bullies”… Seriously? Is this the way forward? Should pics like this be allowed and applauded in our society?

 Let me make something very clear, i honestly think @moyolawalofficial is a very nice woman, and a great actress…?? 

But what i frown at is this pics, I’m curious, like seriously, what is the lesson or messages behind it? Have you forgotten that you are some people’s role model? Have you forgotten that some kids actually look up to you as their mentor? 

I know some people will still say, “oh this is beautiful and sexy”, some would even say “its not a big deal because Kim Kadashian also goes NUDE”, excuse me, Kim is an American, in her country, going NUDE is synonymous to #fashion, nobody really cares…

 This is Nigeria, we care, in fact, “over care” is worrying us because our MOTHERS never did this, we care because we have an age long Culture and tradition that does not permit this act… 

We care because we are a country of beautiful people, both men and women who believes in MODESTY. 

This kind of thing should be frowned at and not encouraged, going Nude or semi nude does not make you #beautiful as a woman, your beauty is in your #HEART and mind. 

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