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Zee World, Telemundo Killing Our Programmes – Zebrudaya

Veteran actor Chika Okpala, popularly known as Zebrudaya, has blamed the dwindling economy for the dearth of local television series in Nigeria.

The actor lamented that foreign TV channels, like Telemundo and Zee World, have taken the place of TV series in Nigeria.

Zebrudaya drove down memory lane while revealing what caused the decline of old series like “New Masquerade”, “Cockcrow at Dawn”, the famous “The village Headmaster” among others.

He said: “The dwindling economy is the major problem of production in the country and lack of sponsorship has contributed to the dearth of programmes on Television stations in the country.

“Foreign soaps like Mexican soaps, Telemundo, the Zee World and the rest of them have flood[ed] our TV screens now and ours are suffering.

“Those popular programmes the Masquerade, Cockcrow at Dawn, The Village Headmaster and others were left to sleep away.”

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