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Why I left acting for 20 years – Nwabueze-Okonta

Ever wondered what happened to Living in Bondage star , Nnenna Nwabueze- Okonta , who disappeared from the Nigerian entertainment industry when the ovation was loudest for her ?

In a chat with Saturday Beats , the actress revealed that she went AWOL for 20 years because she had to raise a family . 

She explained that shortly after she met her late husband about 22 years ago , they got married barely two months after .

“ After ‘ Living in Bondage ’ , I featured in some other movies, but I got married and travelled out with my husband . 

Unfortunately , I lost my husband two years ago . So I decided to come back to the industry and I knew that they would welcome me back . That is why I am back .

“ As a woman or even a human being , you cannot have everything .

 I met my husband on February 28 and two weeks later , on March 12 , we had a big introduction ceremony and barely four weeks later , we got married .

“ There was no courtship ; it was love at first sight . So , after the marriage , we had to get to know each other . My husband was a very jealous and possessive type . 

I got pregnant almost immediately. By April, I was already carrying our child .

“ If I had wanted my career to come first , I would have had a broken home , I would have been divorced . 

So I had to choose between my career and having a happy home and raising my children . ”

She told Saturday Beats that no day passes by without her husband crossing her mind and that things have been tough for her since his death .

She said , “Life without my husband has been rough and I miss someone calling me by 12 pm and 6 pm just to know where I am .

 I miss going home to discuss my problems and children with someone that cares and would listen.

 I miss my husband every day . ”

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