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Samklef Blast Daddy Freeze For Calling Him ‘Slave’

Popular producer Samklef has lambasted controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze while accusing him of operating a fake account.

Samklef said this on Monday after he and the OAP had a war of words on Instagram.

Daddy Freeze had posted a collage of a mentally-deranged man being healed in a church and captioned it, “He must have focused on the rod for 2 minutes….”

The music producer then went into the comment section to type: “It’s getting boring.”

Reacting to this, Freeze told the music mogul that his “message is not for slaves,” urging him to unfollow him and face his music.

In a series of attacks and counter-attacks, Samklef took to his Twitter handle to call the OAP his “boy”.

He wrote:

“Daddy freeze Aka daddy f—-t said my carrier is dead. I laugh Noni.

so is that what a yoyo who condemns other men of God is suppose to be teaching? Using fake account to comment and preach hate……brozay go wash ur brain, you be my boi.”

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