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Rapper Kodak Black arrested,hit with 7 charges

Kodak Black was just arrested in Florida on a slew of charges including grand theft of firearm, possession of marijuana and neglecting a child .

Details of the arrest are currently unclear , but the rapper was hit with 7 charges in total .

- Grand theft of firearm .

- 2 charges of possession of weapon or ammo by a felon.

- Possession of marijuana over 20 grams .

- Neglect child without great bodily harm.

- 2 probation violation charges .

Kodak has had numerous run - ins with the cops over the years . . . he was released from jail back in June after serving 97 days of a 364 day sentence . Black ' s early release stemmed from the completion of a voluntary life skills course behind bars .

Kodak ' s in the middle of serving a one year house arrest sentence where he needed permission from his probation officer and the court before traveling anywhere .

If the new charges stick , it appears he will be serving some serious time.

The rapper was also indicted on sexual conduct charges in October . . . that case is ongoing.

We reached out to Kodak ' s attorney who had no comment .

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