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I would have done better in showbiz if I had not won the Gulder Ultimate Search – Ezeugo

Being the first winner of Gulder Ultimate Search , one would expect Ezeugo Egwuagwu to be excited about it.

 However , he believes he didn ’ t gain as much as most people think.

The actor told Sunday Scoop that he was only used as an experiment and didn ’ t benefit much from the brand .

 He said , “ People used to call me the Gulder man anywhere I visited .

 I couldn ’ t even get jobs from other brands because I was identified with Gulder . I must confess that winning the show came with plenty of disadvantages . 

At times , I feel I would have done better in showbiz if I had not won the show but God knows best . 

I was not even given a car and I was given lesser money than subsequent winners.

 You know when you want to start something fresh, you need to test run it. I was the person they used to test run GUS . ”

Speaking further , he said , “The last time Gulder did something was in 2014 , which was the last GUS . 

Since then , we ’ ve not done anything together .

 I think they recently started putting our advert on billboards. ”

Claiming that he doesn ’ t feel bad that the public seems to have forgotten about him , Ezeugo said , “ I like a simple life and I keep things private .

 If you are someone who is not thrilled by material things , you will cope very well with any situation you find yourself . 

I was never carried away by the fame . I don ’ t even like showing off or flaunting my pictures on social media . ”

Speaking on what he is working on , Ezeugo said , “We are filming Royal Castle at the moment . 

It is my first television series , but I have featured in other movies .

 My biggest movie , so far , is Ultimate Warrior , which was produced in Enugu State in 2008 . I hardly go for auditions ;

 I only feature in movies I am called for . I am involved in other business .

 I make footwear and leather products , though it is a family business . ”


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